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to “rub hard especially with a rough material for cleansing”.  or to “remove dirt and debris from”.  or my personal favorite, to “suffer from diarrhea or dysentery“.

one of the mighty interesting things about the internet is that if and when you decide to get involved “in the business” (that is, starting a jonas brothers tribute website or online hartford whalers memorabilia marketplace or something of the sort), you get to name whatever it is that you’re starting.  in theory, that’s a lot like starting a normal “buy a building and put up your sign out front” kind of business, but it’s also not.  if you want to buy(, rent, or lease) said building, it’s going to cost you a pretty penny.  an internet domain, on the other hand, is currently going (at the cleverly named for roughly $8.75/yr (there’s also an asterisk next to that price on their website, but we’ll ignore that for now because we want our bargain to be as bargainful as possible).  so when naming your non-internet business, you’re going to want a good, strong name that’s logical, gets the point across, and will bring in the customers.  with an online website, however, the much lighter price tag provides for the possibility for your site’s name to be… well to put it bluntly: stupid.  as stupid as you want in fact.  in a monetary sense, a bad website name is about as taxing as going to see a bad movie at the theater, so you can afford to go out on a limb and take some chances.

and that brings us back to scour.  there’s this cute new company with this cute new (kind of, but not really) idea.  if you haven’t caught on yet, we’re talking about  basically, you and i use our search engine (like we normally do), and slowly but surely we get paid for it.  and that’s about it.  the catch?  hopefully, none.  i tend to search a good deal (especially during the lovely summer months that we’re currently in), and i wouldn’t mind seeing a bit of reward.  even if i don’t really deserve one.

but why scour?  hopefully, they weren’t going with the diarrhea definition (which [as did the first two] came from that ever-helpful merriam-webster online dictionary).  my best guess is that they’re using the most slang(-ish) version of the word, which is much closer in definition to “search” or “track” than to “clean” or “diarrheate” (yup, made that one up myself).  but much more hopefully, they were simply playing off what we have previously discussed and thought of something crazy to use (kind of like using the band name “incubus“.  but i’ll let you click and look that one up for yourselves).  why?  because that would just be a darn cool thing to do.

so feel free to scour the internet for whatever you’d like (see what i did there?  i know, pretty clever).  it’s a hootenanny of a good time.  oh!  i found a catch (hooray!).  you see, if one person “refers” other people to the search engine, he may or may not receive points (which may or may not translate into dollars [well, more like fractions of cents, but close enough]) for doing so.  with that in mind, if you do end up using this crazy website, feel free to use this link (wow, it’s in bold) to do so, as i may or may not benefit from it.

and so yes, it was all a plug.  but an undoubtedly shameless one.  i can assure you that.  and hopefully it will be a successful one.  not that anyone comes here and actually reads this “blog” of mine.  but who knows, maybe some blind guy will be blindly clicking along and accidentally find it.  we can only hope.

and so i leave you with this.  “scour power”!  it had scour in the title.  need i say more?  enjoy.


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